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The New Elder Law Report: What we forgot!

May 7th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and this is the elder law report. Our topic today is things we forgot. What’s ironic about today’s show is we forgot all our show notes so what we’ll do first is go to Hayden for an interesting story. HS: My granddaughter is going to her first prom and I was up […]

Lunch with a Veteran: Flight Surgeon Dr Frank Sincox

May 7th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and this is lunch with a veteran. Today’s guest is Dr Frank Sincox who is a physician and a Flight Surgeon for years in the US Navy. He already has a warm spot in my heart because he was in the Navy and spent time on aircraft carriers. I like to say […]

The New Elder Law Report: Getting and Staying Fit

April 30th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and this is the elder law report. I’m here with Hayden Solloway and our special guest Jessica Bridges. Jessica is a coordinator at the YMCA, what is your official title? JB: I am the senior director of healthy living. GM: So, today we are going to talk about healthy living. Why does […]

Lunch with a Veteran: Roger Wuest. Field Artillery Officer and Vietnam Veteran.

April 30th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and today I am talking with Roger Wuest who was a forward observer, field artillery Officer and Vietnam veteran. So, how did you get involved with the military? RW: Well, when I went to college at Hardin Simmons University I decided to join the ROTC and went through four years of ROTC but I […]

Lunch with a Veteran: Marine and former National Director of American Legion Baseball

April 23rd, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and this is lunch with a veteran. One of the reasons we do this is to document a veteran’s experiences and where they have gone since leaving the military. My special guest today is Jim Quinlan. He is a resident of Cleveland County, a Marine and a member of Post 82 American […]

The New Elder Law Report: Military Extravaganza. What one committed high schooler can do for a community.

April 18th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre, I’m here with Hayden Soloway and this is the elder law report. Today we’re talking with Brandon Sterns who is a high schooler and the key impetus behind the development of the Military Extravaganza which was held in Shelby on April 9th 2017. I found it amazing that a high school senior pulled […]

Lunch with a Veteran: The World’s Greatest Undiscovered Playwright

April 16th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and I’m talking with Ludy Wilkie. Now, the reason we do lunch with a veteran is first to show case veterans, and second, I think by preserving and hearing these stories, not only are they entertaining but they can encourage young people to explore their dreams within the military. So Ludy, could […]

Lunch with a Veteran: Controversial State of the Nation Address

April 9th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre the elder law guy and today on Lunch with a Veteran I have a special guest, Dr Rit Varriale who is a veteran and a pastor of Elizabeth Baptist Church here in Shelby North Carolina. You’re not only a veteran, you’re an Army Ranger? RV: I went to Ranger school, Ranger class […]

All American Legion Programs

April 7th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and I’m here with Evan Thompson who is not only the district commander for the American Legion but also our Post 82 commander at the local region chapter in Shelby North Carolina. I have the honor of being the judge advocate general and Evan is also my father-in-law.   It was the […]

David Rose: Flying Beaver Tech Inspector

April 5th, 2017 ()

I’m Greg McIntyre and I’m here with Hayden Soloway and David Rose who is Hayden’s cousin. So, Hayden, what do you know about your cousin’s military service? HS: Mostly what he sent me. David was older than me so he was a BMOC before I went to high school. He was well known among the […]

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