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Afraid of losing your retirement savings because of care costs?

These figures are not exaggerations:

Nursing home & Assisted Living can costs: $60,000 to $100,000+ per year.

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Long Term Care Medicaid Crisis Planning:

You don’t need to lose your house and retirement to afford care for yourself or a loved one. You can afford to live comfortably while your spouse is in care.

Some common questions we hear and help with:

  • Can I lose my home if I enter a long term care facility?
  • When do I put my property in my children’s names? Should I?
  • What percentage of seniors require long term care and what is the average length of time spent there?
  • How long will Medicare and my supplemental insurance cover long term care? Then what happens if I don’t qualify for Medicaid?

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Medicaid Crisis Planning Client, Woody and Franda Aud:

Mr. and Mrs. Aud came to us to assist in helping Franda’s aunt deal with a Medicaid Spend Down and assist in paying for her long term care. We were glad to assist and greatly appreciate the kind words. We are always humbled by a client gives us a testimonial.


This pre-qualification form is meant to assist McIntyre Elder Law (the firm) in gathering initial information for a potential client to assist with a determination if the potential client is a viable candidate for Medicaid Crisis Planning. Filling out and submitting the form above does not create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship may only be formed if an attorney employed by the firm is retained to render legal services such as “Medicaid Crisis Planning.”

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